Support and enhance your students' use of BrainPOP ESL with rich resources, from curriculum and alignments to teaching tips and activities.
BrainPOP ESL Curriculum
A lesson-by-lesson summary of featured academic language and content, including vocabulary, grammar, and reading & writing skills
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BrainPOP ESL Correlations to English Proficiency Levels
A chart identifying how BrainPOP ESL levels correlate to the WIDA, TESOL, and CEFR proficiency levels
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BrainPOP Cross-Product Content Movies
A cross-product index highlighting BrainPOP ESL content and thematic connections to other BrainPOP products, including BrainPOP, BrainPOP Jr, BrainPOP Español, and BrainPOP's GameUp
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Content Movies List
A list of movies with a content focus in curricular areas, including social studies, science, and math
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WIDA English Language Development Standards
A document correlating BrainPOP ESL content to the WIDA English Language Development (ELD) Standards, using the the WIDA PRIME V2 inventory
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Beginning Vocabulary Activities
A series of activities and games to teach themed vocabulary to beginners
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Flash Words Activities
A list of suggested activities to use with the Flash Words feature
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Student Progress Tracker
A printable chart for tracking student progress in all features of a lesson
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